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Spring 2016 Wants

I apologize in advance if any pictures are big. I am doing this all on my phone/Livejournal app and my options are limited
Here's a list of my current wants:

Little Tales:

The top left straps and the Pikachu riding the Ponyta

Also, any Little Tales cups, pens, pouches or bags. I am just in love with this series. Only exception is I am not into flats.

Kyun Chara:

Winking and Pearly. They are both pretty much grail status.

I am also looking for Jessie, James, Meowth, Lucario, Jolteon and Glaceon.


Gen 1 and possibly Gen 2. Single pokemon, baseless is fine. Whitechocobo has a great shop with them. I like to go there and dream of owning them all haha. I don't own too many of these yet and do not mind doubles

And that's about it for now! Generally I would like practical items, especially from Little Tales promotion.

Pokemon Crossing

More TCG Wants

So yeah. I guess my wants could not be contained to a single post haha. Either way, whether not part of my main collection, or stuff that my friends are looking for, here are some more of my "wants"

Jungle VictreebelJungle ScytherJungle PidgeotJungle NidoqueenJungle KangaskhanJungle JolteonJungle ClefableJungle Vileplume


Fossil Raichu

Gym Heroes

GymHeroes Lt Surge ElectabuzzGymHeroes Erika DragonairGymHeroes Brock

Gym Challenge

GymChallenge Sabrina
Pokemon Crossing

My TCG Wants

Before even joining pkmncollectors, I started collecting cards with artwork from Yuka Morii and, more recently, Kanako Eo. I hope to someday have all of the cards that there are from them. So I have compiled this list to help make it easier to keep track of where my collection stands and where I hope that it will eventually go.

Yuka Morii

Pokemon Center Fukuoka Promo

Pikachu Promo Tokyo
Pokemon Center Tokyo Promo

Pikachu Promo Yokohama
Pokemon Center Yokohama Promo

Pikachu Promo Osaka
Pokemon Center Osaka Promo

Pikachu Promo Nagoya
Pokemon Center Nagoya Promo

Baltoy (EX Emerald)

Bidoof Ew
Bidoof (Stormfront)
Got it! Thanks sanderfowl

Bronzong (Triumphant)

Bronzor (Triumphant)

Claydol (EX Emerald)

Gulpin (EX Hidden Legends)

Linoone (EX Emerald)

Piloswine (Skyridge)

Plusle (Supreme Victors)

CoroCoro Jumbo Promo

Seedot (EX Legend Maker)
Got it! Thanks sanderfowl

Shelgon (EX Dragon)

Swalot (EX Hidden Legends)
Got it! Thanks sanderfowl

Swinub (Skyridge)

Zigzagoon (EX Emerald)
Got it! Thanks sanderfowl
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So, About Those Journal Entries...

Hello whomever might be reading this! Anyone? No one? Ok!

I suppose that since I've had this journal for 8 MONTHS, I should probably update it now and again. Better late than never, right?

I'm a 26 year old gal from Upstate New York. Schenectady to be exact. Never heard of it? I'm not surprised, it's a pretty ho hum place. One of those previously bustling cities that had 1 major company that everyone worked for: GE, or General Electric. Ok, so they outsourced and moved most of the jobs out of state. Life goes on.

What other big stuff has Schenectady got? Well, if you love Ryan Gossling, then you probably have seen or intend to see The Place Beyond The Pines. That's actually what Schenectady means, as it's a Native American word used to describe the area. Oooo knowledge. I recently saw the movie and was quite surprised at the attention to detail that was present in the movie. A lot of the movie was filmed on location. That church in the movie? St. John the Evangelist. I can see its steeple from my bedroom window. That church has the worst acoustics that I've ever heard in my life. Absolutely beautiful though. During the chase scene when Gossling's character robs the final bank? The police accurately describe every road that he is turning down. I also drive by that bank every day on my way to work.

All in all I did not think it was a bad movie. Long? Yes. A bit of bad pacing? Ohhh yeah. But it had solid acting. The locations were authentic. Heck, they even pronounced all the locales and streets correctly. Props for that. Yes the movie does portray my home town in a less than glamorous light. But what place is all sunshine and unicorn farts?  Like any other town it has its nice, affluent areas, its rough areas, its run down, yet still nice and safe areas. Ahh, but I digress.